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The world’s largest restaurant company is losing market share, losing sales, and suffering one heck of a corporate identity crisis. Can McDonald’s embattled CEO get the company’s mojo back?

After living on the streets, Gabriel Bristol discovered he had a special talent: appeasing angry customers. Now, he's CEO of Intelicare Direct, a fast growing call center with more than 300 employees.

Omidyar, the programmer who created eBay, is one of America’s richest men, a 47-year-old philanthropist intent on giving away the fortune he made when he was 31. He is on collegial terms with the Clintons and has been a partner in their charity work.

Vemma, the wildly popular energy drink company, may or may not be a pyramid scheme, but it'll definitely be on your college campus soon.

Ross Ulbricht’s last moments as a free man were noisy enough to draw a crowd. Employees at the Glen Park branch of the San Francisco library heard a crashing sound and rushed to the science fiction section, expecting to find a patron had hit the floor. Instead, they found a handful of federal agents surrounding a slender 29-year-old man with light brown hair and wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

Before it all came crashing down, Marc Collins-Rector had convinced almost everyone that he was a visionary. By 2000, he had raised millions for a precursor to YouTube, called Digital Entertainment Network, or DEN, with the pioneering idea to distribute video entertainment not through theaters or television but on the internet. 

In this bustling port city, with its long sand beaches and rocky hills rising from the sea, Carlos Wanzeler is taking refuge from the US authorities who want to put him in jail.There are worse spots for a businessman on the run.

The crowds began gathering outside Orlando's Church Street Station complex early on a sweltering June morning, waiting in line to wander through the abandoned offices of the unlikely multi-millionaire who had transformed this central Florida city into a music-industry mecca.

I was looking for an apartment, which in Manhattan means you have to sell your soul. Your W-2s are not signed in enough places; your hair does not make enough money. You refresh Craigslist every 40 seconds and wait for virgin blue links. Doesn’t matter, because nothing is real.

Steve Warshak made millions on "natural male enhancement." Now he's doing hard time.

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