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Master groomer Trerak Rakkandee has been certified many times over in everything from shampooing to blow-drying to dental hygiene. She knows the history of every AKC dog breed and understands the needs of each (she once spent five hours dematting a sheepdog to make him “100 percent perfect”).
Gauging emotional swings in a bird can be painful, depending on its beak strength. Luckily the kid-friendly whistler has a crest that signals its temper like a mood ring: Lightly sloped means passive, nearly vertical means startled, compressed against the head—better watch your fingers.
“Animal custom fabrication”—that’s one way to describe what Bischoff’s Taxidermy (818-843-7561) can do for you and your pet, may it rest in peace. Founded in 1922, the Burbank institution can preserve just about any animal, from mice and hamsters to horses (they immortalized Roy Rogers’s Trigger in 1965).
I am a 54-year-old man with mild autism. I have poor fine-motor coordination and can barely handwrite. At one time I made a living as a medical transcriptionist, but I was fired because my autism impairs my ability to concentrate.
The world will remember John Wooden most as one of the greatest basketball coaches in history. Future generations Googling his name will be presented with a long list of his amazing coaching accomplishments.
“Nothing burns like a car,” David Jentsch says, almost wistfully remembering the morning of March 7, 2009, when he awoke to find his Volvo on fire in the driveway. First came the bang of the gas cap blowing off, then the vehicle’s alarm.
Call it blight. Call it rebellion. Taggers cost the city millions of dollars in damage each year, tattooing neighborhoods and unsettling residents with their feverish writings. We peek inside their secretive world, following two crews as they make their mark.
Raymond Chandler, the besotted prince of L.A. noir, is said to have once signed a contract during a three-martini lunch to write a screenplay. The contract stipulated that he could remain drunk while finishing The Blue Dahlia, and he did so inside of two weeks. Now that’s American efficiency
Bool BBQ’s truck has set up shop outside the E! Entertainment building along the Miracle Mile, and there’s a scrum of people eating and waiting to eat. A cyclist in a Giro d’Italia outfit waits his turn. So do two workers in Dockers and rumpled shirts.
The hunger pangs start when the bouncer pushes you onto the sidewalk at 2 a.m. By now your other four senses have succumbed to an evening’s worth of overstimulation, but not to worry—your taste buds can take it from here.
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