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It can be tough finding an evening activity that appeals to adults and kids, which is why the no-experience-required sunset horseback rides led by the Los Angeles Equestrian Center (480 W. Riverside Dr., 818-840-8401) are an excellent compromise.
Sometimes in Hispanic culture people will look at an autistic kid’s behavior as just bad behavior that he will hopefully grow out of. The school districts in places like Compton will deal with these kids the same way—not getting them diagnosed or getting them services but just putting them in classes for troubled kids, like they ended up doing with Charlene, my 15-year-old.
Overstimulation has bedeviled my life—insomnia virtually from birth, spiraling rages from the “terrible twos” through adolescence, panic attacks in my late teens and beyond. I avoid bright colors, loud music, parties with strangers, and large stores of any kind; the strongest stimulant I take is weak tea, first thing in the morning, with the trust that it will wear off by nightfall and permit me to try and sleep.
When he’s sad, he hangs his head and says, “Awww.” When happy, he smiles and says, “Um-hmmm.” Wanting attention, he gestures with his arms. Bandit is a humanoid robot used in experiments with children who have autism, many of whom engage more easily with robots than with people—perhaps because robots are less complex.
The autistic spectrum spans many neurological challenges and behaviors but can be broken down into four main categories. Amy Davis, a Pasadena psychologist whose focus is autism evaluation and therapy, gives examples -
If you live in Los Angeles and autism hasn’t yet made an impact on your life, it will. There is a 1 in 110 chance that a child born today will be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder—make that 1 in 70 if that child is a boy.
On the research he did to prepare: Oliver Sacks had this long blackboard in his office, and when he was talking about savants, he made a chalk mark on the blackboard. He said, “You know that’s one. You don’t have to count that.” I said, “Right.” He made another stroke and said, “You know that’s two.
oh gosh. studying for finals and not being able to focus when you really want to and need to is the worst thing that can happen to someone! -
One of the few reality-show contestants to open a brick-and- mortar shop, The Fashion Show’s Andrew Christian brings drama to the retail realm with male man- nequins diving from the ceiling, surfing in the window, and running across a floor that looks like a pool deck.
igh in Trump Tower, in a suite overlooking Central Park, the best American director of his generation is on his knees. He’s not been driven low by the challenge of adapting Thomas Pynchon’s 2009 psychedelic novel, Inherent Vice, nor by despair at the response to the film.
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