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The autistic spectrum spans many neurological challenges and behaviors but can be broken down into four main categories. Amy Davis, a Pasadena psychologist whose focus is autism evaluation and therapy, gives examples -
When he’s sad, he hangs his head and says, “Awww.” When happy, he smiles and says, “Um-hmmm.” Wanting attention, he gestures with his arms. Bandit is a humanoid robot used in experiments with children who have autism, many of whom engage more easily with robots than with people—perhaps because robots are less complex.
Overstimulation has bedeviled my life—insomnia virtually from birth, spiraling rages from the “terrible twos” through adolescence, panic attacks in my late teens and beyond. I avoid bright colors, loud music, parties with strangers, and large stores of any kind; the strongest stimulant I take is weak tea, first thing in the morning, with the trust that it will wear off by nightfall and permit me to try and sleep.
Sometimes in Hispanic culture people will look at an autistic kid’s behavior as just bad behavior that he will hopefully grow out of. The school districts in places like Compton will deal with these kids the same way—not getting them diagnosed or getting them services but just putting them in classes for troubled kids, like they ended up doing with Charlene, my 15-year-old.
It can be tough finding an evening activity that appeals to adults and kids, which is why the no-experience-required sunset horseback rides led by the Los Angeles Equestrian Center (480 W. Riverside Dr., 818-840-8401) are an excellent compromise.
The hunger pangs start when the bouncer pushes you onto the sidewalk at 2 a.m. By now your other four senses have succumbed to an evening’s worth of overstimulation, but not to worry—your taste buds can take it from here.
The Echoplex and its sister stage, the Echo, form a hub for the Echo Park-area music scene. Every kind of alternative act finds its way to these gritty clubs.
Earthy materials, artisan flourishes, communal spaces—the Age of Aquarius was in full swing. Redwood, which evoked Bay Area cool, figured prominently, especially in the work of architects Donald Hensman and Conrad Buff. -
The next self-referential club from David Judaken (he also owns MyHouse) features the same superluxe design that’s been the nightlife impresario’s trademark but on a more intimate scale. Gold-studded black leather banquettes are a home away from home for scenesters and The Hills alums.
Tract developments took the demands—monetary and mental—of building a new home off the backs of postwar couples hard at work raising businesses and families. -
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