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I am a 54-year-old man with mild autism. I have poor fine-motor coordination and can barely handwrite. At one time I made a living as a medical transcriptionist, but I was fired because my autism impairs my ability to concentrate.
When Nikki Bacharach was born in the summer of 1966, her parents were among the most sought-after couples in Hollywood. Angie Dickinson was a gorgeous film star who had appeared opposite John Wayne, Lee Marvin, and Frank Sinatra. In the ’70s, as the lead on NBC’s Police Woman, she would become the first actress to carry a hit drama in prime time
What celebrities and tourists don’t buy at the eight Kitson locations gets off-loaded in this large store that can feel like a jumble sale—and isn’t mentioned on the Kitson Web site. Hmmm -
Finding the right school for your child is all about the fit. The same special-education program that works well for a student with moderate autism may be off the mark for another child on the high-functioning end of the spectrum.
Industry jargon in retail reveals a cheeky side of the business. Squirrel: A customer who isn’t loyal to one salesperson. Locusts: Groups of friends who hover around merchandise but don’t buy anything.Bulimic shopper: Someone who discards at checkout at least half of what she or he has selected. Surgery: Alterations.
1911 › Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler coins the word autism to describe a tendency among some schizophrenics to wall off reality in favor of an inner fantasy life
People with autism rarely outgrow their diagnosis, but they do grow up. When Jeremy was five, my wife, Kathy, and I hoped he would talk. He didn’t. When he was 13, we prayed that a portable talking computer would enable Jeremy to express himself.
If you had a rich, kooky aunt who ran with bohemians in the ’50s, this is the shop she might have imagined. A whimsical elegance is conveyed in trompe l’oeil wallpaper that looks like books, chairs upholstered in bright florals, and midcentury ceramics and pottery.
“My kid has tantrums like that.”Your intent to reassure is admirable, but it ends up coming off like “autism is no big deal.“She’s autistic? She looks normal.”So all those doctors and psychiatrists got the diagnosis wrong? Doubtful. And the preferred term is “neurotypical,” not “normal.” Put a lid on it.
It’s a pervasive developmental neurological disorder—not a disease—that impairs communication skills, learning abilities, and social interaction. Traits typically show up when children are around three and include obsessive behaviors, lack of eye contact, and delayed speech.
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