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Pearl Street Enterprises Releases Longform Articles & Stories App for Android Devices

Source: Pearl Street Enterprises

Dated: Oct. 01, 2014

BOULDER, Colo. -- Fans of the popular website, LongformStories.com, can now enjoy stories on their

Android-powered tablets and smart phones. Based on an innovative idea by Brian Daniel Young, founder

of Pearl Street Enterprises, a mobile technology development company,



Those interested in exploring a story further may follow the link to the original story. Since launch, the

website has attracted millions of views from an ever-growing fan base. Young is immensely grateful for

the continued support and invites patrons to join the community.

Powered by Web 2.0 standard technology, the app is an elegant solution for media who do not want to miss out on interesting stories as well as those with an interest on stories emerging within the range of topics covered. With daily updates, thousands of articles and stories are archived in the database, where interested parties may conduct keyword searches to retrieve stories on specific topics of interest. Initially launched for Android devices, based on popular demand from the fan base, the app features easy-to-use navigation and robust functionality.

For more information, please visit:


About Pearl Street Enterprises

Founded by Brian Daniel Young, a University of Colorado at Boulder business graduate, Pearl Street

Enterprises is a mobile technology development company.

Web: https://plus.google.com/+BrianDanielYoung

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