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In 1995 I was hired as entertainment editor of Hustler magazine at Larry Flynt Publications. I was 30, divorced and at the end of a screenwriting career that had been flatlining for several years. Not only had I failed as a writer, but I had functioned only marginally in a variety of menial, no-brainer day jobs. On my first day as an assistant location manager in charge of finding an office building for a commercial shoot, I had become lost.

Plural relationships have gotten a bad name, thanks to lascivious cult leaders like Warren Jeffs. But there's a whole other type of multi-partner love gaining popularity: polyandry, in which a woman settles down with two or more men. And it's more common than you might think.

In the fall of 2011, a student we will call Maya arrived at Michigan State University for her freshman year. She had come to East Lansing from her small-town high school to pursue an education in law and public policy, and in a required math class during her first semester she met a fellow freshman who also happened to live in her dormitory. We will call him Robert.

he barmaid had long black hair and she was sitting on top of the bar with her chest coming out of her dress and her skirt useless against the amount of legs she was showing. She had her eyes shut and her hands held out in front of her.

The fat guy smoking Pall Malls, he says he almost married one of those girls. Honest. He met her in a bar one of the last times he was in the Philippines and fell in love, almost bought her a ring and took her home. 

Longform Stories Sex Exclusive: Behind him, 12-foot-high fences topped with spools of barbed wire frame a muddy soccer field. Guards with machine guns man rusty metal towers. In the distance, La Cordillera de San Blas cuts through the Panamanian jungle like a serrated knife. "They shot him in the middle of the night," Galeota continues quietly, "and buried his body behind the pavilion."

There was John Kennedy requesting a Jackie look-alike “but hot.” There were such disparate bedfellows on the client list as Moshe Dayan and Muammar Qaddafi, Marlon Brando and Rex Harrison. There was even a story about how the C.I.A. hired Claude’s charges to help keep up morale during the Paris peace talks.

The new pill that could revolutionize gay life is reawakening old arguments. Gabriel is a 32-year-old real-estate broker. He had tested negative for HIV the last time he’d been to a clinic. Terrified that might change, he went to Callen-Lorde, a health clinic in Chelsea, where he was placed on a 28-day course of a full HIV-medication regimen.

Clearing out Major's apartment, Schulte made a startling discovery: a 4-inch-high stack of letters — hundreds of letters from state and federal prisoners from all over the United States. Some were mundane; others alluded to offers of money or bus tickets to Los Angeles. Others were sexually graphic.

In the workplace lunchroom, dominated by a Formica table stocked with a condiment cradle that holds four kinds of hot sauce, Nikki furrows her brow as she fishes into her purse and retrieves her driver's license. A resident of Riverside, Nikki is filling out some paperwork for her new job.

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